Zach Blair has made a career of being the Man for the Job in the Punk and Hardcore world when it comes to guitars.  Texas born [ Sherman-Current pop. 38,000 ], Zach currently stills calls the Lone Star State home  [ Residing in the city of Austin ].  At least for the moment…Because for over 2 decades, Zach has made the road, and studio his place of residence. With no regrets.

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From Hagfish [playing with brother Doni], to the legendary act GWAR [ Serving first at Flattus Maximus then Spattus Maixmus ], to current acts Rise Against, and DRAKULAS [ His a.k.a. is Black “King” Joaquin Zaire ].  Songwriter. Vocalist. Guitarist. Touring Musican. All are roles Zach has had no problem handling.
Still, with all the touring and recording over the years, Zach still finds time to be a husband and an advocate/promoter for animal rights and be on the front lines for the organization PETA.  Follow and LIKE  Zach Blair on FACEBOOK.

MUSIC heard on EPISODE 3:

“Envy” from the self titled album ‘HAGFISH‘. “Immortal Corrupter” from the GWAR album ‘Violence Has Arrived‘. “Black Masks & Gasoline” from the Rise Against album ‘Revolutions per Minute‘.  “OWOWOWOWOWOWOW” and “Crimson Carpets” from DRAKULAS EP album ‘OWOWOWOWOWOWOW‘.